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Club Officers and emails

The following is a list of the Club Executive officers and their email addresses. If you have a query of any type, any club officer would be happy to help.

2020/21 Club Officers Northern Beaches Toastmasters Club


David Tomlinson President

Vice President Education

Errol Byrnes Vice President Education (VPE)

Vice President Membership

Deanna Morpurgo Vice President Membership (VPM)

Vice President Public Relations

Heather Rickard Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)


Steve Barber Secretary


Luke Donabauer Treasurer

Sergeant at Arms

Brian Paull Sergeant At Arms (SAA)

Immediate Past President

Errol Byrnes Past President





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Back to a live meeting with a “Speech-A-Thon”

After months of Zoom meetings our November meeting was back to live venues at “Gran Gusto Restaurant” at 16 Frenchs Forest with a “Speech-A-Thon”.       Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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