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THE EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP AWARD – donated by the Loucks family Sue, Guy and Annastasia) in 2021

  • Be an excellent Role Model
  • Inspires others to work collaboratively and creatively
  • Demonstrates initiative
  • Provides a club environment that is respectful, collegial and supportive
  • Fosters pride in Northern Beaches Toastmasters Club specifically and Toastmasters in general
  • Is actively involved in mentorship and development of others
  • a member of this club displaying the above qualities but not required to be a member of the Club Executive Committee.
  • The APPRECIATION AWARD – donated by Keren Snell in 2004
  • Helpful to Chairmen in organising meetings
  • Organises raffle prizes
  • Willing to accept assignments if there is a gap on the meeting program
  • Goes beyond the boundary of duties
  • Offers to assist members generally

MICK RENVOIZE AWARD FOR COMMITMENT – donated by Jan Vecchio in 2004 –  in memory of past club member Mick Renvoize

  • Committed to the club as shown through attendance, participation in club meetings and preparation of assignments
  • Committed to Toastmasters as shown through attending District sponsored events
  • Committed to the education program as shown through achievement of education awards
  • Committed to helping others as shown through effective evaluations and mentoring
  • Committed to the Club Mission
  • Committed to the Toastmasters Promise

“THE VECCHIO” TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR – donated by the Holterman Family (Laurel, John, Leisl, Greg) in 2004

The Toastmaster of the Year shows enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to help others;  has a standard of excellence and lives by the Toastmasters Promise

Background to this trophy –

The Holterman family donated this trophy to be awarded annually to an all-round outstanding Toastmaster,  who –

  • contributes to the running of the club
  • helps the club to achieve in the Distinguished Club Program
  • does more than what is expected
  • lives by the Toastmasters Promise
  • actively promotes the club and Toastmasters generally.

In recognition of the commitment to Northern Beaches Toastmasters Club reaching charter strength and the effort that Jan Vecchio put into make us “move forward and get ahead” as the most fun and exciting club in Hawkesbury Division, the trophy is to be known perpetually as The Vecchio.

Year      Appreciation Award            Mick Renvoize Award          Toastmaster of the Year

2004    Laurel Holterman                                  N/A                        Jan Vecchio

2005     Muriel Jones                          Frank Elmes                         Jan Vecchio

2006    Margaret Elmes                     Jan Vecchio                          Laurel Holterman

2007    Laurel Holterman                  Jan Vecchio                          Muriel Jones

2008    Greg Fuller                             Jan Vecchio                          Greg Holterman

2009       Denise Tomlinson             Jan Vecchio                          Sharon Austin

2010       Hugh Barber                       Deanna Morpurgo              Jan Vecchio

2011        Deanna Morpurgo             Keren Snell                          Stephen Trindall

2012        Sharon Austin                    Deanna Morpurgo             David Tomlinson

2013       Beverley Barber                 David Tomlinson                Steve Barber

2014       David Tomlinson               Sue Loucks                           Reg Stewart

2015       Sue Loucks                         Steve Barber                         Sharon Austin

2016       Luke Donabauer               Jan Vecchio                          Sharon Austin

2017       Luke Donabauer             Sue Loucks                            Kathy Stewart

2018     Deanna Morpurgo           Ben Thew                         David Tomlinson

2019       Brian Paull                    David Tomlinson            Errol Byrnes

2020      Sue Loucks                   Errol Byrnes                  Deanna Morpurgo

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Latest News

Northern Beaches awarded Distinguished Club status 2020-21.

On 18th June 2021, Toastmasters International awarded Northern Beaches Club the status of Distinguished Club for reaching the goals required under the Presidency of David Tomlinson.           Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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