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SPEECHCRAFT – An Opportunity to Succeed

The 2021 course will be online with Zoom meetings, click on the images below to enlarge.

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Speechcraft is a short, seminar style presentation that teaches basic Toastmasters skills: speaking and evaluating.  Toastmasters members build their meeting management skills by leading the seminar.   Speechcraft courses typically run for between 4-8 weeks.



A Speechcraft course is designed to teach public speaking skills.  During the program you will be invited to participate in Table Topics, a fun way to improve your impromptu speaking, present prepared speeches and serve as an evaluator for your fellow Speechcrafters.  You will also have the opportunity to practice introducing a speaker to an audience.

Your Participation in Speechcraft involves:-

Learning to give confident Presentations;

You might not get rid of the butterflies, but you’ll have them flying in formation as you gain confidence in all aspects of communication.Each participant receives a 40 page Handbook for guidance through the course.

Developing Impromptu Speaking Skills;

There are techniques to help you think quickly on your feet and then provide a credible answer to an unexpected question or topic.

Interactive Educationals;

Experienced Toastmasters introduce topics to help build your knowledge and confidence.Topics include Organizing your Speech, Controlling your fear, Effective use of the Voice, Body Language, Evaluating Presentations and Use of visual aids.

Receiving Feedback;

Each of your presentations will receive an evaluation, structured in such a way that you will understand where your strengths lie and where improvements are recommended.

Supportive and encouraging feedback is the cornerstone of the course.


A Note for Employers: Speechcraft is high quality training at a cost effective price. If staff lack confidence when speaking in public, that is a handicap. If they are prepared to put the effort into the course work, you will probably want to help them. First study the requirements of the course and satisfy yourself that this is an effective program. Then offer to pay the course fees of your staff. When you have seen the results of the course, your firm could develop a policy of encouraging staff members to take the Speechcraft course.

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